Brazil Butt Lift Workout

Brazil Butt Lift WorkoutAs the name implies, the Brazil Butt Lift workout is specifically geared toward sharpening and slimming the derriere. This niche at home workout DVD is produced and sold by Beachbody, a leader in the in-home fitness market. The Brazil Butt Lift program was developed by Brazilian dancer and fitness guru Leandro Carvalho during his time in New York City.

Brazil Butt Lift comes with a total of 3 DVD’s, which includes a total of 5 separate workouts. These workouts consist of Basics, Bum Bum, High & Tight, Sculpt, Cardio Axe, and Tummy Tuck. A bonus workout entitled Bum Bum Rapido is also included.

In addition to the DVD’s, the Brazil Butt Lift workout also comes with some valuable extras when ordered. These items include: Booty Makeover Guide, Fat-Burning Foods meal plan, Triangle Training Workout Cards, Measurement Tracker Cards and Tape Measure, 6-day Supermodel Slimdown Plan, and a Strength Band. Although not included, the purchase of ankle weights is advised as they are an integral part of the workout program.

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Who Created the Brazil Butt Lift Workout?

The creator of the Brazil Butt Lift workout is native Brazilian, Leandro Carvalho. Together with Beachbody, Carvalho has turned his successful New York City based classes of “Brazilian Butt Lift” and “Brazilian Tummy Tuck” Both of which were highly praised by New York Magazine.

His Brazil Butt Lift DVD program produced and sold by Beachbody has been a smash success in the at home fitness market. Carvalho claims that it is the same workout that he provides the Victoria’s Secret models with to keep them in toned, super model shape. Many users, from both in person classes to at home fitness, have agreed that the workout does exactly what it promises and is delivered in a fun manner.

Carvalho began his career as a dancer in Brazil while simultaneously completing his undergraduate degree in physical education. After graduating Carvalho headed to New York where threw himself both into the world of dance and fitness by performing with Merce Cunningham and obtain a multitude of certifications from AEA, AFFA, ACE, and Pilates.

Brazil Butt Lift Workouts – What to Expect

Beachbody’s and Carvalho Brazil Butt Lift fitness program focuses on the three major muscles that make up the buttocks area. This system of isolation and concentration was created by Carvalho and called the TriAngle Training method. This TriAngle Training method tones by isolating the gluteus muscles and working them from a variety of angles. Moreover, the Brazil Butt Lift workout combines the elements of dance into the program to give an overall body workout and add cardio to strengthen stamina.

A portion of the Brazil Butt workout requires the use of a strength band (included) and ankle weights (not included). The portions of exercise that utilize these fitness accoutrements are what builds firmness and lifts and rounds the buttocks.

The Brazil Butt Lift Nutritional Plan

There are two different nutritional guides included with Brazil Butt Lift. The first is the 6-day Supermodel Slimdown Plan, this guide is to be used as a way to kick start your weight loss and toning. This 6-day meal plan is what many of the supermodels who work with Carvalho use to get their body in sleek condition. The second guide is a long range nutritional guide that can be used to maintain a steady weight loss or maintain a healthy weight. This second guide is the Fat-Burning Foods meal plan which includes a plethora of appetizing and flavorful Brazilian recipes that will give you energy and keep you on your fitness target. Following both of these nutritional plans will get you to your fitness goal faster and help you maintain the Brazil Butt Lift body.

Brazil Butt Lift Results – What Should You Expect?

The Brazil Butt Lift program claims to transform your bottom in such a way that it will be lifted, rounded, and firmed. Of course to attain this, the Brazil Butt Lift exercise program insists that you follow the exercise plan for your current buttocks shape. There are exercise plans for 4 different bottom shapes, these include: Pear Shape, Too Flat, Too Big, and Combination. Each shape has their own fitness plan to follow in order to obtain maximum results.

If after 30-days of following both the meal plan and exercise regimen you are not totally satisfied with the results you have received, you can return the Brazil Butt Lift workout DVD set for a full refund from Beachbody less the shipping and handling.

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